Natural Nipple Balm 60ml

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  • Natural Nipple Balm
  • Size: 60ml


    Our non-sticky natural nipple balm is completely made from the goodness of Mother Nature & is 100% lanolin free.
    Our balm is feeding safe - there’s no need to wash off before each feed.

    Containing only 6 ingredients with absolutely no nasties - our natural nipple balm is also great for anywhere else that may be sore, cracked, or dry; such as chapped lips, dry elbows, dry heels, dry nose - or wherever that needs a little nourishing love from this gorgeous pot of natural goodness. 

    Our balm is great for all skin types.


     Packed with natural ingredients designed to help

    • Sooth & regenerate the skin
    • Naturally hydrate and protect
    • Provide anti-inflammatory relief
    • Condition & heal
    • Boost elasticity & suppleness
    • Provide antibacterial properties
    • Nourish & soften skin



    Apply after each feeding session or as often as required.


    Ingredients & Benefits

    Olive Fruit Oil - High in vitamin E and a great skin cell regenerator. Works to attract external moisture to the skin while still permitting the skin to release sweat, shed dead skin, and release sebum

    Organic Beeswax - Naturally hydrating, non-allergenic, and anti-inflammatory. Beeswax is used to protect the skin from airborne allergens. It contains antioxidants that work to rejuvenate the skin and is a powerful natural hydrator

    Cacao Seed Butter - One of the most potent and protective skin healers! With its natural source of antioxidants & fatty acids, cacao seed butter is especially beneficial for healing dry or cracked skin

    Shea Seed Butter - High concentration of vitamins and fatty acids - a perfect ingredient for softening skin. It has anti-inflammatory & healing properties to help condition, tone & soothe the skin

    Mango Seed Butter - A rich natural fat that is found inside the seed. Mango butter is a long-lasting emollient that nourishes the skin whilst boosting elasticity & suppleness

    Calendula Flower - A natural oil extracted from the marigold flower. A powerhouse of antifungal, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties - making it particularly useful in healing wounds & relieving/soothing skin conditions such as eczema & nappy rash




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    This is the one!

    I was originally using a lanolin product at the start of my breastfeeding journey - I found that I’d stick to my bra/pull scabs off (ouch) and that the product didn’t soak in very well so was left with a greasy mess.
    Then I found this!
    Soaked in fast, no sticky residue, didn’t pull on my scabs when I took off my bra and it helped heal my cracked nipples much quicker than I expected.
    I also use this on my lips, dry cuticles and on my dry patches that I get from change of season.
    Very happy with the size of the tub - it’s lasted my entire breastfeeding journey 🙈

    A Life Saver!

    A first time mom and I never knew how bad I needed this. It helped with my soreness and I could never be happier. Love the fact that I could also use it on my lips and or any where else that needs some love and hydrating.

    Simply the best!

    As a new mom, I was gifted a couple of different nipple balms. Out of the others, Mumma Bear just seemed to work the best for me. After the first day of use, it really relieved my soreness. This is a must have for breastfeeding. Highly recommend!

    Kirsty Elliott
    Good all-rounder

    The consistency of the balm is lovely, it melts into the skin easily and isn’t too greasy. There is a subtle floral type fragrance to this product. Arrived quickly in the mail. Overall happy with the product.

    Renee Cutting
    A MUST have!!

    As a first time mumma who planned to breast feed, the one thing ever everyone told me I definitely needed was a good nipple cream… this is it! highly recommend!