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Best purchase!

Comfortable and supportive. Takes the weight off. Best purchase! Recommended


I bought this after using tape for a while and it works so well, this has also helped so much with the ligament and back pain. I also have sensitive skin but find it so easy and comfortable to wear, definitely worth it!

The only thing I trust on my lips

I was first gifted a natural lip balm from a friend I have been using other brands, my lips in winter get very dry and I used this lip balm daily and have never stopped it works better than any other lip balm I’ve used in the past it leaves my lips feeling better from chap and dryness almost instantly.
I use it multiple times a day religiously.
I won’t use anything else

Gorgeous product and amazing customer service!

Cannot fault this backpack! I am not a backpack person, but this is the best looking backpack I have seen, and is the perfect size for everything my baby needs without being too big and bulky. I particularly love the little card holder it comes with, saving me having to carry another bag 😊
Additionally, Bianca's customer service is exceptional. I needed my backpack urgently for interstate travel, Bianca had it sent express, liaised with Aus Post and myself to ensure it arrived overnight. Highest praise for her!

Pregnancy Belly Band
Does the work!

Received mine and it really is a game changer! I struggle to wrap it around myself to make it tight as I am really tiny pregnant woman, glad I got my husband to help. It was really helpful assisting me to feel like I am carrying my belly around without hurting my back too much. Delivery was fast and love the little quote and note from the seller. Definitely worth purchasing. <3

Gorgeous baby milestone cards

I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect baby milestone cards and found them by Mumma Bear. Sturdy cardboard and beautiful colour images. I definitely recommend.

So helpful!

I bought this off a recommendation from a friend and honestly has been a game changer. My belly feels supported and it takes so much pressure off my back. The band is comfortable enough for me to wear on bare skin. One of the best purchases for my first pregnancy ❤️

Best pregnancy purchase

I’ve brought a few belly bands over the years to help support my back and they always have left me disappointed.
But after 2 days of wearing the band I have noticed a dramatic difference from when I don’t wear it, so it definitely does help. I’m also a size 18 too.
The delivery was fast, literally the next day. I did pay for the priority shipping thou.

Love my belly band!

Great quality for half the price of other similar bands! I’m a size 12 and 29 weeks pregnant and it works really well for me. My back and pelvis feel more supported while moving around and is helping with my ligament pains. Love the cute pink colour too :)

Belly band

Fast delivery. Well priced. I’m a size 8 and find the sizing large. Helps a lot and glad I purchased.

Should have bought this sooner

Been leaking excessively since the start of my breastfeeding journey and had been hesitant about catchers due to worrying that there would be heaps of cleaning involved. All my worries went away when I saw that there were minimal pieces in this effective bundle. I get to have one catcher drying while the other is in use! Now I have a stash building and I’m not washing my nipple pads as often as before. I also have a toddler (2 under 2) so the anti-leak as I bend over all the time was essential! Love this little shop as it has saved quite a few headaches - this bundle being the latest great find.


Since hitting my 6th month of pregnancy I’ve started really struggling with back pain. This belly band has been a life saver and such a help in relieving back pain.

No more pain!

I am so glad I bought this. At about 20 weeks in my first pregnancy I started experiencing round ligament pain. It made it hard to do work activities, even walking. I was worried because it was so early. Luckily I got this belly band and now I have been pain free while working on my feet for 6 hrs+. In the sun on a hot day I got a little sweaty but the band was not too bad, despite it being nice and thick quality. Easy to use. I've got it as small as it goes at 24 weeks and I am size 12. Definitely recommend! Get it as a gift for your pregnant friends and they will thank you!

Love these cups!

These cups are so comfortable and very rarely leak- highly recommend

Pregnancy Belly Band
Lauren Metcalfe
Pregnany Belt

This belt has been great. It's easy to wear and to put on. Comfortable and breathable (I was worried about it being hot but it's great!) It makes a huge difference and relieves my pain. The only negative is that size. It says its for size 6 and up. I was size 6 pre pregnancy and find I have to do it up right to the end of the Velcro even at 35 weeks pregnant. I wish it was a little smaller so I could do it up a little tighter. I would say size 8 or 10 and up would be a better size gauge. But otherwise I'm enjoying the relief it brings. Thanks.

I love that it supports my growing belly, and that I can be on my feet all day working with children and my back or hips aren’t killing me.

Pregnancy Belly Band
Tintu sara James
My pregnancy friend

I got my mumma bear belly band 1 week ago. Honestly I didn’t think it’s going to make this much change in my pregnancy journey. It actually giving a very good support for back . The feel after wearing my band is so great…. I love the feel …. Also it’s a good material.

Pregnancy Belly Band
Tessa Wright
Great Product

I looked around and most pregnancy bands were more than double the price. It is surprisingly comfortable even though I don’t particularly like anything tight around my tummy. I’ve been getting a lot of pulling underneath my bump at only 16 weeks and my tummy felt tired when walking around for even short periods especially at work. This has really taken the pressure off my tummy muscles and the pain eased in my sacroiliac joints. Thank you ❤️

Incredible Bundle! Value for Money ✨

I’d have to say that I really love this bundle because it had everything thing I needed to start my breastfeeding journey.
While I love all the products included, my ultimate favourite would have to be the nipple balm! It’s the only one that helps soothe my nipples and keeps them from getting sore (I apply it after every feed). It smells amazing (has got a light and fresh scent) but not overpowering and has never put off bub from feeding. Best of all, it gives me peace of mind knowing it’s made from natural ingredients. I’ve been using my little jar since September last year 5 mos later, it’s still going because a little goes a long way! I’m excited to purchase another jar this week because I cannot carry on breastfeeding without it!

Post surgery support

I purchased the belly band after abdominal surgery and needing the support for walking.
It has been amazing. I just wish the straps were a bit shorter as I’m petit and they are a little long on me. However I have managed to adjust it to fit around. It has provided the best support and helping me walk feeling more comfortable,

So smooth and silky!

I’m not one for putting a lot of things on my skin, I try and stay as whole and natural as I can but this is a game changer! The ingredients for the most part are so clean and pure, so nourishing for the skin. The application is so lovely AND I never got a single stretch mark during my pregnancy. The left overs i have been using on my boobs because they got stretch marks when my milk came in and I have seen a drastic change in the colour of them since I’ve been applying it 😍

Perfect product - a must have!

Since having my baby boy, I’ve used this product religiously and I’ve NEVER had cracked nipples! I use this as a nipple balm, lip balm and ointment for dry skin. It’s so versatile 😍

Love it very supportive

Great product for helping with PGP !! Thanks !!