Bamboo Cotton Snap Nappy Insert - 5 Pack

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  • Size: 35cm x 13.5cm (approx)
  • Quantity: 5
  • Material: 4 layers 
    • 4x layers bamboo 71.8% + cotton 28.2%
  • 360 GSM giving you a total of 1440 GSM
  • Snap button for extra security


Our 5 Pack of Bamboo + Cotton nappy inserts are the perfect staple insert to be included in your reusable nappy collection. Use doubled up or as a booster on top of bamboo or hemp, depending on your requirements.

These inserts are super soft, a little thirstier than other inserts of the same GSM grade due to its higher bamboo makeup, don't take forever to dry (about a day inside/no sun or a few hours in the sun) & kind to bub's skin. 

Bamboo absorbs 4x as much liquid compared to cotton.

Combined with bamboo's naturally soft, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, thermal regulating & breathable properties + the absorption rate of cotton - our Bamboo + Cotton inserts are a great addition to your reusable nappy collection & can be combined with other inserts depending on your absorbency requirements. 

Not sure which insert to choose? Have a look at or download our "Nappy Insert - Quick Guide"

Customer Reviews

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Rhiannon Kessler
One of the best bamboo inserts I have used

I've been using these inserts for around 2.5 months now and they are in my top 2 for favourites amongst the 8 brands we use. The bamboo inserts are a great size, we use them in our alva, berry bottoms, cloth bums and wren and myrtle (the latter is a trimmer style) pocket nappies and it fits great in all. I have a heavy wetter, so I pair this with the bamboo terry booster which I fold in half in the wet zone and we have had zero leaks; great absorbency! They wash well and hold their shape, even when put in the dryer; this is very important to me after having many inserts that require time and energy to hand stretch them back in to shape. 5/5 recommend these inserts and will be purchasing some more for my stash!

Hello lover *insert love heart eye emoji*

I LOVE these bad boys!! With a flooding 10 month old boy, he reallllly put these to the test! On their own they are ace and so trim in the new premium nappies! Combined with an extra bamboo insert and we have a winner that guarantees no leaks for those outings in cloth that push the time limit between changes. Cannot wait to get myself (well.. baby X) some more!

Tara B

Purchased these in Black Friday sales and my order was packed & dispatched in under 10 minutes! Speedy service. The product itself is fantastic, super absorbent & my heavy wetter has had no leaks so far!