Bamboo Breast Pads (3 Pairs) - Peach Set

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  • Peach Set (peach, grey & white)
  • Size: 12cm x 12cm
  • Quantity: 6x bamboo nursing pads (3 Pairs)
  • Material: 3 layers consisting of
    • Soft bamboo terry to sit against your skin (inner layer)
    • Fast absorbing microfiber middle layer (core layer)
    • waterproof and breathable outer PUL (outer layer)
  • + FREE bonus 20cm X 25cm wash bag (limit 1 per order)

Our Premium Bamboo Nursing pads are soft, super absorbent, breathable and with a waterproof backing to help prevent leaks.


Breast Pads FAQ's

Q: "How absorbant are bamboo nursing pads?"
A: Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo can also hold 3 times more liquid than its weight which makes this fabric a great way to get rid of moisture quickly.

Q: "How often should I change my nursing pads?"
A: Nursing pads should be changed when wet - this time will vary for each user. Once wet, change pads & pop the saturated pads in a wet bag, soaking bucket or laundry bag until it is time to wash them. 

Q: "How do I wash & dry my bamboo nursing pads?"
A: Our nursing pads are machine washable. We recommend using a wash bag to protect & keep your pads together. Hang to dry / line dry. 

Q: "How should I store my breast pads?"
A: Once washed and dried, we recommend storing your pads flat to avoid creasing. 

Customer Reviews

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These breast pads are really lovely and provide a great barrier to stop breakthrough to the bra/clothes. I also love the eco-friendly nature of having re-usable pads that you can easily wash - definitely saves in buying disposable pads!