Pregnancy Belly Band

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  • Pregnancy Belly Band Belt
  • Colour: Nude or Black
  • Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Material: Breathable cotton & nylon/polyester blend
  • Easily adjustable & strong
  • Breathable & lightweight
  • Provides firm support
  • Great for lower back,  sacroiliac joint, round ligament & hip pain
  • Easily concealed under clothes


Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on our bodies and cause discomfort around our tummy, back & hips.

Our center of gravity gets shifted, our posture changes, we adapt the way we walk, stand up, sit down, get out of bed (and everything else in between) to compensate for these changes. Throw all this in with the surges of the hormone 'relaxin' that our body makes to help loosen our joints in preparation for the big day & it's no wonder why pregnancy can get uncomfortable (and fast). 

We've got you, Mumma!

Our pregnancy belly band can help relieve pain from around your back, sacroiliac joints, belly, and hips by supporting & redistributing the weight across a more even area. It can also help with posture by supporting your lower back & abdominal area and minimising strain.


  • Support throughout your entire pregnancy
  • Ease pain & discomfort during pregnancy
  • Easy to wear & remove
  • Fully adjustable to the size & pressure you need
  • Stong firm support
  • Breathable & Lightweight 
  • Well concealed under clothes




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tamara Fagan
Couldn’t go without

Absolutely love our belt!
Has helped so much this pregnancy with back and hip pain.
It’s such a huge relief whilst on and perfect for someone like myself who is still working a very demanding job.

Ashley Smith
Best little helper!

It’s so comfortable, you can’t even notice it through your clothes.
I like the little padded area at your bump.
The elastic and the velcro is very strong, great quality.
It hugs my growing bump so comfortably and nicely.
The support it give me at work has been a big relief as I work such a physical job, it also eases my mind with its support and how much I’m constantly moving around in my job.
I can’t really think of something I don’t like about this belt.

Renee Cutting
5 Stars! Would recommend!

Had previously purchased the belly band and and must say this is so much easier to use, more discreet under clothing and super comfortable! I have had really bad back pain with my pregnancy and this has been a life saver!