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Top tips to help your everyday-needs budget stretch further

If you’ve been following Mumma Bear for a while you’ll know that our core mission is to support families by providing sustainable and affordable products for mums and their bubs.

We care about your families everyday needs and make it a priority to ensure what we stock is accessible to everyone. 

With many families making the switch to more sustainable products to combat the rising costs of living - We have put together our easy top tips for saving cash, getting cash back, getting the best deals & making some extra money on the side. 

These tips are used by us almost every day & are well and truly tried and tested. 

Save on your grocery shopping 

Use apps like WiseList to compare prices on your grocery shopping. All you need to do is search for your items, add them to your list & WiseList will show you the live cost, what’s on special, how much you’ll save & displaying which store will be cheaper for you to shop at - for your entire list. 

You can even pay, order click and collect or delivery through the app & still earn flybuys or everyday rewards points.

Earn rewards in your everyday shop 

Sign up for Flybuys and Everyday Rewards app - keep an eye out in your emails to boost your points to redeem as cash back on your next shop & have access to app-exclusive members deals and rewards. If done correctly - you can save up a tonne for Christmas shopping & birthdays at participating stores!

Pharmacy bonus baby boxes

Keep an eye out for bonus baby boxes from Chemist Warehouse and Priceline - they run promotions a few times a year on baby purchases over $50 - and the box is absolutely packed with a tonne (and worth a LOT more than the $50 you just paid!) of free goodies for you and your baby 

Facebook marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is fab for big ticket items such as furniture, prams, electric swings etc. To save time on searching - set up alerts to “notify me“ so that every time an item of interest gets listed, you’re the first to know. 

If the seller is selling a few items - try gently negotiating and bundling their items together - a lot of sellers are more than happy to work with you. 

Reusable nappies 

By making the switch to reusable - cloth nappies can save thousands of dollars, for every child. Not only do cloth nappies save you money, they can be reused when more babies are welcomed to the family, can be shared between siblings & come in the cutest designs to hug your bubs bum!

If you’ve ever thought about what’s involved and how to start cloth nappies - have a look at our Cloth Nappy FAQ’s and our Top 5 Reasons to Use Cloth Nappies blog.

Cloth nappy & accessories rebate 

If you’ve recently bought or about to buy cloth nappies & inserts - Apply for a cloth nappy rebate with your local council.

These rebates give you back 50% of what you paid - check out our Cloth Nappy Rebate blog to find out if your council offers one, how much cash you can get back & their eligibility terms for applying. 

Saving on fuel

Use apps like Fuel Check to see which petrol stations closest to your location have the cheapest petrol. 

Simply select your preferred fuel type such as e10, 95, 98 or diesel & the app will show all prices per litre in your area so you can quickly see which petrol station has the best price.

Cost effective dinners

Get inspired with recipes that easily fit your budget - a great Instagram account to follow is Feeding Five Frugally with a bucket load of simple recipes that generally fall under $6 per meal. Another fab set of recipes for under $5 per meal can be found at Australia’s Best Recipes - here’s a list of 100 recipes for under $5 per meal.

Sign up for sales

For those absolute must-haves and favourite brands - Sign up to your fave brands newsletters & VIP wait lists to receive notifications of their sales when they happen / as they happen. Most brands will have sales, flash sales, Black Friday sales & seasonal sales like Christmas and Boxing Day. 

Shop AND sell at local babies & kids markets

Shop & grab some serious bargains at local markets like My Kids Markets - MKM holds babies and kids markets across 10 locations in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, multiple times per year. You’ll find gently loved pre-loved goods from nursery furniture, prams, toys, babies and kids clothes, shoes and so much more. 

You’ll also find a selection of local business stalls selling everything from specialised handmade items to all things Mum & Bubs. 

What’s even better - you also have the opportunity to host a pre-loved stall yourself and make some extra cash (why not do both?!).


Saving money & budgeting does not mean you have to go without. Smarter switches and a little bit of research before you shop can make a world of difference to your expendable cash at the end of the week! 

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