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Nappy bag essentials - For every kind of Mumma

Nappy bag essentials - what to pack for every mum & bub

Getting yourself and your little one ready for the day is one thing. Making sure you’re organised with everything you need - is another. 

With mum brain, distractions & kiddos that might be upset that their shoes are actually matching (heavens forbid!) it can certainly be challenging to remember what needs to be packed for the day, especially when you’re right in the thick of getting everyone ready & out the door. The amount of times I’ve dropped my kids at daycare, only to remember I’ve forgotten something & having to make two trips - is slightly embarrassing. So I made a checklist. 

No matter what the occasion, we have you covered with the nappy bag essentials that every mum & bubs needs.


Is a dedicated nappy bag actually necessary?

In short, no - BUT if you’re looking for convenience - a nappy backpack is a great way to make parenting on the go easier and much more hassle free. 

A nappy backpack is a type of bag that is designed with having baby-related items, such as nappies, wipes, formula, bottles, clothing, and other essentials, in mind. Having a dedicated backpack for these essentials can be super convenient for parents, especially when they are on the go with their little ones - which in itself can be stressful enough!

A nappy backpack typically has multiple compartments and pockets to help keep everything you need organised and easy to find. No one likes desperately rummaging around their bag in a hurry trying to beat the mess that their bibs is about to make.

Nappy bags are often made from durable, water-resistant materials to protect your items from spills or leaks, and has adjustable straps to ensure a comfortable fit no matter who wears it.

Most nappy backpacks come with insulated pockets for keeping bottles warm (or things cool) and some bags even come with pram straps to easily attach the backpack to your pram for easy access and to free up pram storage space.

Why do you need a nappy backpack?

Having a nappy backpack can help free up your hands making it easier to carry everything that your bubba needs while out, running errands, or travelling - which can be especially handy for those parents who are already juggling the many other tasks of parenthood. 

Benefits of a nappy backpack include:

  • Having all your baby essentials in one place - nappies, wipes, bottles, snacks, toys, etc. 
  • Having your hands free to carry your own things or to handle your other children. 
  • An organised and stylish way to carry around all of your baby's items. 
  • Easily accessible pockets, allowing you to quickly get to items when you or your baby needs them. 
  • More space and compartments than a regular bag, allowing you to bring extra items on trips and outings. 
  • Durable material and construction, ensuring your items stay safe and secure. 

Whether you’re packing your nappy bag for daycare, play date, shopping or trip out to see friends and family - we’ve got you covered with what essentials every Mumma needs:

Nappy bag essential items for every baby bag:

  1. Nappies & Wipes 
  2. Nappy cream
  3. Spare dummy (if bubs uses one)
  4. Extra clothes & bibs 
  5. Sunscreen & hat 
  6. Snacks 
  7. Toys 
  8. Muslin or two 
  9. Wet bag 

Newborn Mumma 

  1. Muslins
  2. Blanket 

Breastfeeding Mumma 

  1. Breastfeeding cover 
  2. Expressed milk 
  3. Bottles 
  4. Nipple balm 
  5. Breast pads 

Formula feeding Mumma 

  1. Bottles pre-filled with cooled boiled water 
  2. Measured formula dispenser 

Cloth bum Mumma 

  1. Reusable nappies
  2. Reusable wipes 
  3. Wet bag 

Teething Mumma 

  1. Baby Panadol 
  2. Teething toys 
  3. Extra Bibs 

Daycare Mumma 

  1. Cot sheet  
  2. Blanket 
  3. Bottles (pre-filled with the right amount of cooled boiled water if formula feeding)
  4. Measured formula dispenser 


Changing: bring enough nappies to last the day, as well as any creams & a spare set (or two) of clothes to cover off any accidents.

Wet wipes: wet wipes can be used for everything! Other than changing nappies, a good set of wet wipes keeps hands clean, faces clean, there to mop up any spills & spit up, and a great way to quickly clean down any surfaces Bubs might come into contact with.

Sun protection: any time spent outdoors warrants sun protection. A hat and sunscreen is essential to protect your baby from sun damage.

Muslins: one of the most underrated nappy bag items - muslin blankets can be used as a pram blanket, an area to pop bubs down on, pram cover, burp cloth, nursing cover and even a makeshift car window sun shade. Muslin blankets also take up fairly little space when compared to other pram blankets, so having one or two in your nappy bag won’t take up as much room. Whatever you use yours for - this is a definite must have for your nappy bag! 

Snacks and entertainment: Having a bunch of snacks & water on hand, as well as a few of bubs favourite toys will keep you and your child nourished and hydrated for the day, whilst keeping them entertained in those moments of potential boredom.


So what's in my own bag?

Let me share my own typical bag for any given day for my 5 month old!

As a breastfeeding mum of a refluxy baby, it’s important for me to have plenty of clothes, bibs, and a wet spaces / bags so I don’t ruin anything else in the bag should something get soiled.


- 2 x muslins 

- 1 x toy 

- 6 x size 3 nappies 

- half a pack of wet wipes 

- breastfeeding cover 

- nipple balm 

- breast pads + mini wetbag 

- 2 x onesies 

- 2 x shorts

- 2 x bibs

- 1 x nipple balm

- 1 x nappy cream

- 1 x moisturiser 

- 1 x sunscreen 

- 1 x sun hat 

- 1 x wet bag

- 2 x bottles (if I bring expresses milk, which is kept in a separate cool bag)

I keep my nappies in the large wet space pocket at the front of the bag, stack my muslins, breastfeeding cover, bibs and hat in the main compartment.

I utilise the side and internal back pockets for the bottles, wipes, cream, breast pads / wet bag and nipple balm.

Pop a toy and a wet bag in the outside pockets for quick access without having to take the bag off - and lastly, I use the front pocket, away from everything else, to keep 2 changes of clothes.

There’s always room for snacks for myself or any extra few bits and bobs that I might need for the day!

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