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Maternity Pads Review

Postpartum bleeding & pads is definitely not a very glamorous topic to talk about - but here I am 💃

I hope, that as a new mum, with your gorgeous new bundle of joy, you will be getting enough rest so that you can allow your body to recover - this means sitting or lying down & taking it easy whenever you can (and eating well!).

Your body has gone through so much over the last few days - now you’re healing a wound the size of an actual dinner plate, your uterus is shrinking back down, you’re dealing with “afterpains”(something else no one really prepares you for), you’re sleep deprived, your hormones will be swinging from the highest they’ve ever been - to the lowest they will ever be, your milk will be coming in, your lady-bits will be swollen & uncomfortable & you will be well and truly in the amazing throes of newborn life.

Comfort for mum during those precious first few days is often overlooked & many of us just suck it up as it’s “the nature of the beast”.

It doesn’t have to be :)

With the birth of my second little man in August, I wanted to be prepared enough to have a few different maternity pads in my arsenal so that I could ensure I was comfortable with whatever I was doing and have a few options to choose from depending on flow and comfort needs. 

My birth ended up being fairly uncomplicated other than losing a fair bit of blood & having a second degree tear which needed a decent amount of stitches (donut cushions are an absolute lifesaver!).

I bought 3 well known brands to try and compare. Here is what I found…


U by Kotex Maternity

Kotex Maternity was by far my least favourite out of the three.

The pads are quite rough, unbreathable, hard and rigid and were very uncomfortable on my swollen lady-parts & perennial stitches. I felt like I was sitting on a mound cardboard and was not the most flexible when moving around 😣

I also found that the rate of absorbency was fairly slow which added to the discomfort I was already feeling.

The pads have good length, but are also fairly narrow and do not have wings.

I’d imagine these pads would be better to use in the days after your first 1-2 weeks postpartum once bleeding and swelling has settled down significantly.


Libra Maternity

I’m a big fan of Libra in general - I found Libra Maternity pads to be fairly comfortable and breathable.

The pads themselves are soft and long with the added bonus of wings to keep the pad secure. 

I found the rate & amount of absorption to be quite good, with the pad locking away the moisture very quickly - adding to my overall comfort and less “ickyness” when I moved around.

Overall this is a good comfortable option that is also cost effective & kind to the family budget.


Tom Organic

I loved the maternity pads from Tom Organic. While they have no wings, they are long, wide and have gussets to stretch to your desired length and be able to catch any of those pesky side leaks.

These were by far the softest and had the most cushion - and were the most comfortable pads with stitches.

These pads hold a LOT with their super fast absorbency, however I found these pads don’t quite lock the moisture away as good as Libra does.

A little more pricey than the other 2 brands but definitely worth the superior feeling of softness (especially if you have stitches).


Regardless of which maternity pads you land on - I hope this maternity pad review has taken a little out of the guesswork for you when it comes to choosing maternity pads that might be best for you.

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