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MCNs - Fast Facts & Fitting Guide

Hello Mumma Bear,

We’re so glad you’re here! Assuming that you have been on a quest to find a guide on fitting your modern cloth nappies - we warmly welcome you to the start of your cloth nappy journey. 

Whether you are choosing to consider cloth nappies to reduce your impact on the environment, find a solution for your little one's sensitive skin, or to save on disposable nappy costs (or all of the above!) we also understand that the start of your modern cloth nappy journey can be a little daunting!

We hear you. 

We began our own cloth nappy journeys exactly where you are now.
What type of nappy do I get? Which nappy inserts do I need? How do I fit these nappies (what are all those buttons!)? How long will they last? What kind of washing regime will I need to keep? Will I really save money? 

Let's take a quick look at fast facts;

  • It takes approximately 500 years for a disposable nappy to break down in landfill. With Australians going through 5.6 million nappies each day - we are sending 2 billion disposable nappies to landfill each year.
  • Disposable nappies are made with a surprisingly scary amount of chemicals which not only has its own environmental impact, but is also going directly against our baby's skin. This can lead to irritation especially when used on sensitive skin.
  • The temperature can be between 2-4 degrees hotter in disposable nappies, than in cloth nappies which are breathable by allowing air/gas to pass freely. 
  • You can can go through over 5,500 disposable nappies in the first 2.5 years of your Bubba Bear's life - This means that $3,025 (at a very conservative cost of $0.50 per nappy) is being spent on disposable nappies - per child. 
  • If you're starting your cloth nappy journey with a newborn, you would need between 20-25 modern cloth nappies to use all the way through until they are ready for potty training (approximately 15Kgs / 2.5 years old). If you are starting with an older baby, you will generally need around 15-20 cloth nappies due to less frequent changing than a newborn.
  • You can boost your modern cloth nappies with extra or combined inserts to meet your absorbency requirements. This means you can change the level of absorbency for different times of the day / night and adapt to your baby's needs as they grow.
  • Fitting your modern cloth nappy is a lot easier than you think. We have included a quick guide to ensure you get the perfect fit that is comfortable & leak proof (not to mention the cute prints your little one will be wearing!).

You can also download the guide from here.


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